Travel Reports

Cape Breton National Park

On a ferry

Sunset on Cape Breton Island

Fall Foliage in Cape Breton National Park

Hiking to a waterfall

And hiking around a lake

That's a decent picnic spot

Our picnic spot at the river

The rugged coastline

Taking a hike along the coast

The hiking path lead directly through the rocks...


A little squirrel and a grasshopper

Lighthouse up in the north

A little fishing village

Already some coloured trees...

A little rabbit at a lake

Two moose at the side of the road

Again doing a hike

What a cute little bird...

A male moose in the scrub

And a female moose

The road that leads around the National Park

Taking the skyline trail

Quite scenic :-)

Maple trees

You even get a lobster roll at McDonalds up there...

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